Inlor ( Medical Center offers free reception of migrants by a neurologist and otolaryngologist
Free admission is available in Lviv for both adults and children.
Otolaryngologist-surgeon (adult and pediatric); phoniatrician Marta Hrytsevych
Reception time is agreed upon when recording
Neurologist of the highest category; doctor of functional diagnostics Roksolana Black

Every Wednesday from 10:00 to 12:00
Address of the medical center: Lviv, street Chornovola 16V (behind the Auchan supermarket)
Contact phone for pre-registration: (096) 680-87-00

We remind you that the International Humanitarian Foundation has united private medical centers and laboratories that are ready to provide free medical services to refugees. Currently, the Refugee Medical Support Program operates in Lviv and Kyiv; In the near future, free medical care will be available in other cities of Western Ukraine. Under the Program, more than 300 IDPs receive a free weekly doctor's consultation and the opportunity to take a comprehensive general blood test; new medical centers and laboratories join the program every day.

Detailed information about the schedule of gynecologists and endocrinologists in Kyiv and Lviv, as well as about the free detailed blood test, can be found at: