His Eminence Archbishop Stefan Hesse visited the refugee shelter in the Parish of St. John Paul II in Sokilnyky
On Tuesday, July 5, His Eminence Dr. Archbishop Stefan Hesse (Erzbistum Hamburg), the guardian of migrants in Germany, paid a solidarity visit to the Parish of St. John - Paul II in Lviv. As part of the visit, His Eminence celebrated Holy Mass together with Lviv Archbishop Dr. Mechyslav Mokshytskyi (Львівська Архідієцезія РКЦ), and also visited the Parish Shelter for Ukrainian Refugees.

Archbishop Dr. Stephan Hesse is known for his care of migrants in his homeland, which he carried out honestly despite the negative claims of radical circles. Archbishop Dr. Stephan Hesse acts very concretely: he transferred 100 million euros from the Catholic Church to help immigrants living in Germany, and also designated 800 church houses for immigrants.

Back in February, at the beginning of the war, Father Gregory Draus, the abbot of the John Paul II Parish in Sokilnyky (https://www.facebook.com/www.rym.lviv.ua/), organized such a shelter in the Parish House. Currently, more than 100 refugees live in the shelter, including 30 children and 4 pregnant women.

His Eminence Archbishop Dr. Stefan Hesse talked with refugees from different cities of Ukraine and promised to pray for peace and tranquility in Ukraine. Also, during the visit to the Parish, His Eminence talked with volunteers of the International Humanitarian Fund.

The International Humanitarian Fund regularly helps the shelter for refugees, which operates at the Parish of St. John Paul II (Іn more detail https://www.facebook.com/100244422703100/posts/pfbid0rrK5m9k6BJPFgE45LSrhCnPSbXZ4G7EAz2x5HAMwjPQbCVSpEchuM219HL83aUHpl/?d=n) In particular, in June, we delivered beds, mattresses, a sofa and household appliances and helped equip several rooms for refugees to live in.
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