Today, Ukrainian soldiers are fighting for independence and democracy for the 5th month. Every day in the war, several hundred soldiers are injured and each of them is now thinking: WHAT IF HELP NEVER COME?

The front line is tens or hundreds of miles from the nearest hospitals. Currently, there is a serious shortage of reliable and armored ambulances that will deliver a wounded soldier to the hospital alive.

Whenever the evacuation of soldiers begins, we don't know if there will be enough time to reach and save him.

This is a real war for the independence of Ukraine, for democracy and for the victory of good over evil. But who will take care of wounded soldiers today? WHAT IF HELP NEVER COME?

‼️The International Humanitarian Fund announces a fundraiser for the purchase of armored ambulances. The price of rescuing soldiers is $60,000 (for 1 car)
Every day, Ukraine loses a lot of soldiers, most of them do not have time to reach the hospitals!

Your cup of coffee can save the lives of those who save us around the clock ‼️

✅Every week we will report and provide data on the collected funds.
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