You can help us to support families who lost their homes during the war in Ukraine and have nowhere to return.

Your donation goes toward
medical care, emergency care
and housing for people
who have lost everything.
Our mission: We provide support to families who lost their homes during the war in Ukraine and have nowhere to return. We focus on medical care, emergency care and housing for people who have lost everything.

The International Humanitarian Fund was established in February 2022, a few days after the start of the war in Ukraine. The Foundation was founded by Ukrainian top managers and entrepreneurs with many years of experience in managing large companies and projects, who were forced to leave their homes after the war as a consequence of missile attacks. The initiative was aimed at uniting the efforts of people to help the same displaced people who have lost everything. And have no means of subsistence, no access to medical care, and no housing in the new cities.

Most of the displaced did not plan to leave their homes, but due to the deterioration of the military situation, their lives were threatened and they quickly evacuated. It is not always possible for refugees to retrieve their personal belongings and documents from their homes destroyed by shelling. Few refugees have elaborate plans for settling down in their new city and usually their financial savings amount to a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per family. They have no accommodation or jobs to look forward to in their new location (the population in the safe cities in Western Ukraine has increased by 1.5-2 times over the last months due to the influx of refugees).

Refugee families need a place to stay, clothing, baby food and diapers. They also need to update their documents in order to find employment and live in a new place. 
Today, hundreds of thousands of refugees who have lost their homes due to rocket attacks and shelling live in safe cities in western Ukraine. Temporary shelters are set up in school gymnasiums, university classrooms, kindergardens, cultural centers, hospitals and warehouses. Usually there are several hundred mattresses on the floor in one large hall, where hundreds of families are forced to live together. This is an adequate solution for summertime, but colder temperatures in autumn will make living conditions uninhabitable. In Ukraine, almost no one had home insurance, so there is no way to get a payout and rebuild or buy a new home. Most people spent all their savings in the first months of the war and will not have the financial means to buy a new home anytime in the near future.

Along with local authorities and religious communities in western Ukraine, we have launched a program to quickly build housing for the most vulnerable, including families with three or more children, families with pregnant women, the elderly and people with disabilities. The local authorities and religious communities provide free plots of land with electricity and water, and we build single-story prefabricated homes for families on government-provided plots. With the help of continuous funding, we can build a hour in less than 3 months, which is important in order to ensure adequate shelter for winter months. So by the time the weather gets colder in November and December, the refugees will be able to move into permanent housing. All the houses will be equipped with proper amenities, furniture, plumbing and necessary appliances. A long-term free rental agreement will be signed with the refugees for 5 years, with the possibility of prolongation if their housing is not rebuilt in their hometowns by this time. The new houses will remain the property of the International Humanitarian Fund. If the family benefitting from the housing decides to move to another city or country, the lease is prematurely terminated without penalty and the next refugee family will move into the house. By the end of 2022 it is planned to build 500 houses in safe cities in Western Ukraine.

We help refugees with:
- Providing temporary housing, as well as existing shelters that are administered by local governments or faith communities.
- Providing basic needs - food, personal hygiene, clothing, shoes. 
- Updating of documents with the help of lawyers.
- Finding new employment

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